Visual Basic Articles

Over the years different articles have been written on Visual Basic 6. Below is a few that I found valuable and/or useful in my personal development or for my own enjoyment.

  • Sub reports can kill a report's performance, but when used with a little imagination they can be a helpful tool in expanding Crystal Reports functionality in a way that cannot be realized by any other method.
  • Once you begin to use Crystal Reports for any amount of time you will find that some reports just don't have the performance snap that you are hoping for. In this article, written by Jason Dove, you can learn how to improve the efficiency of any Crystal Report using one or more of the five simple steps described.
  • Don't do these things. These are the top things that will make a program not be as good as it could be. Don't do these and you will be ahead of what a lot of programs do.
  • Microsoft spent many years trying convince the public that Visual Basic was not a illegitimate programming language. Once people signed on and began developing full business applications, Microsoft decided to go a different direction and is now spending all their energy trying to kill the child they created.

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