msdxm.ocx error

Greetings all,
We have a program written in VB6 that used to use wmp6 (wmplayer2.exe) with msdxm.ocx (v6)
It runs fine in Win98, XP and Vista. (in Vista we had to add the file msvbvm50.dll)
Now in Windows 7 its giving errors. Therefore we downgraded WMP12 to WMP11.
The installation runs impeccable. But when the program start it gives the following error:
“Run time error 339. Component "msdxm.ocx" or one of its dependencies not correctly registered. A file is missing or invalid.”
Using regsvr32 msdxm.ocx (file is properly registered) is not the solution.
Using the program "Depends.exe" for finding missing dependencies, gives 3 files in red: IESHIMS.DLL, IEFRAME.DLL and SHLWAPI.DLL.
in our program there is nothing that uses IE. When copying IESHIMS.DLL to the folder of our program AND in System32 only the IEFRAME.DLL and SHLWAPI.DLL are red (but they are also red in XP), IESHIMS.DLL seems to be OK. (BTW I'm not sure if the program "DEPENDS.EXE" is suitable in Windows 7.)
I tried to download WMP6 or WMP7 (because the program always ran with wmplayer2.exe) but Windows 7 refuses the installation.

When checking all the installed files we saw that msdxm.oca was missing but googling it gives the answer that msdxm.oca would be repair itself when using msdxm.ocx.

Can anyone give us a solution? Using WMP.DLL is not an option while the wmp controls are all in our program. Also rewrite isn’t an option because the programmer no longer works with us. The file msdxm.ocx is version 11.

Thanks in advance

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solved msdxm error

SOLVED!I replaced the Msdxm.ocx, Msdxm.oca and Msdxm.tlb from a xp-machine in the system32 folder on the Windows 7 machineThese files are version 6 and are using (normal I think) windows Media Player 2 and it worked! (after registering the msdxm.ocx) (with admin rights)Wmplayer2 is not on the windows7 machine but maybe msdxm.ocx has the necessary data in it to let it work allthough you don't see the wpm2.Thanks to all who helped us


I have the same issue with msdxm.ocx in windows7. As per your suggestion copying the msdxm.ocx and msdxm.tlb should solve the problem. But, when I am unable find the msdxm.tlb file on any XP machine. Can u forward a copy to mail please!