How to make a VB6 Datareport?

Guys can you help me I dont know how to make a datareport, can you show me the step by step procedure on how to make a datareport. I have a form that has a search box(txtsearch), a listbox(lstResult), two OptionButtons(optApplicant and optOffender) and a search button, if I type the last name inside the txtSearch, click optApplicant and click cmdSearch the list of applicants who matches the last name appears on lstResult then if I double click on the applicant's name on the listbox a datareport will show the record of that applicant which is from database.mdb, the name of the table is Applicant and here are the fields: FName, MName, LName, Status, BDay, Address, CertNo, ORNo, Picture, and Verify. The picture field contains the path of the picture C:\Program Files\CSCI15\Files\Pictures. But I dont know how to create a datareport please somebody give me a step by step procedure on how to make my datareport. I also need some code. Thanks!

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