Beginners Guide

This guide will walk you a through each step of learning the Visual Basic environment so that you will be off and running strong.

This Visual Basic 6 guide walks a beginner step by step through tutorials on this site that will get you up and running. The best way to navigate through the guide is by using the links on the left. Or you can use the links below and then hit your browser's back button. Each link will take you to a different tutorial on this site that will teach you the next step you need to know to learn.

Visual Basic Tutorial for Beginners

  1. One of the first and best things to do is begin to understand the Visual Basic IDE (Integrated Development Environment). By understanding the IDE you will be able to develop VB programs quickly and effectively. Start by reading the Getting to know the VB6 IDE tutorial
  2. The classic first program in any language is the Hello World application. This is a great visual basic tutorial for beginners because as you write this program to you are able to get your feet wet with the bare bone essentials every VB program has. Check out the Simple Hello World VB6 tutorial
  3. Good programmers figure out how to use a consistent naming scheme when they develop applications. The quickest way to graduate out of the beginner VB6 level is to check out the Object Types and Naming Scheme VB tutorial
  4. Variables are used in any real development. Make sure you visit the Quick Variable tutorial to see how variables work in Visual Basic 6
  5. (Optional) More In Depth Understanding variables and types in VB6
  6. When you need to make comparisons or have your program choose between options you will need to understand Visual Basic's if statements. Luckily there's a beginners tutorial that explains just that: Understanding the if conditional statement
  7. Once you grasp the basics check out this next beginner VB6 tutorial that goes more in depth into conditional statements: Understanding if statements and conditionals in VB6
  8. Need to do something repeatedly? Need to iterate through a list of things? Need to count from 1 to 1 Billion by 3's? You need to understand loops! Understanding For, Do, and while Loops
  9. Once a beginner understands how to use functions and subroutines he or she is on the road to being a full fledged VB6 guru. A solid grasp on functions and subroutines allows you to reuse code and functionality throughout your program and in future programs.Functions and Subroutines in VB6 tutorial
  10. Last but not least, begin to learn how to use all the great controls Visual Basic offers and create a great User Interface for your clients to use. Basic Graphical User Interfaces in VB6 - Tutorial

Once you have finished these tutorials you should have a very good understanding of the fundamentals of the Visual Basic 6 language and development environment. Feel free to download some more advanced tutorials and continue learning on your own. If you have any questions or comments related to this Visual Basic 6 guide please post them below.


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vb source code with screen shots in payroll processing

hi, i need a help.
i want payroll processing system in vb 6.0.
if anybody know to send detaily in my mail.
please send me immediately.


could you pls help me to create a scientific calculator in visual basic with corresponding codes and property window

question about Mysql server

what are the steps to connect between mysql server and visual basic



how to create an account management system

sir im a newbie in vb 6.0 and i have to make an AMS for my defense class,,can you help me on how to create account management system using vb 6.0 and the codes needed for this!! thank you in advance you can send it to my email sir


I learn vb6 scence last 1 years. I know the Basic of vb6. But i Learn Many So, Please help Me.
contact with me (My E-Mail Add is "" )
please help me.
i am very poor in english so ignore my speelings Or grammer.
Thanking you.


sir , please mail me a project on "PHARMACY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM PROJECT IN VB 6.0" at

to make a admission form

sir i want to make an admission form with the help of vb6.0 in which i want to use submit reject or clear button the problem is this if a candidate does not fill any field there should be printed a mssage in red color the data is required when he clicks on submit button how it is [ossible [la tell me the code for it

to check availability of room in hostel

i have to make a project for hostel management system for my college using vb as frontend and access as backend.
how can i make a programme for checking the availability of room. So have me the source code for that...

Sales and Inventory System

Can you make a Sales and Inventory System with database?


I wana to write program on vb6 that take n numbers as input. It outputs the frequency of positive and negative numbers.
A sample
Input n = 12
The 12 numbers as follow
12 43 -55 0 -44 88 1 -3 6 78 -98 54
Frequency of positive numbers = 8
Frequency of Negitive numbers = 4

' enter numbers ' enter zero

' enter numbers
' enter zero to End program
' result= sum of the negetive numbers & sum of the positive numbers
Dim intNum, positive, Negetive As Integer
intNum = InputBox(" enter Number ....")
If intNum > 0 Then
positive = positive + 1
ElseIf intNum < 0 Then
Negetive = Negetive + 1
End If

Loop While intNum > 0 Or intNum < 0
Print "Frequency; of; positive; numbers=" & positive
Print "Frequency; of; Negitive; numbers = " & Negetive

by : Mohammad Pazooki

dim i,positv,negativ,i,a(100)

dim i,positv,negativ,i,a(100) as integer
n=inputbox("Enter number of elements")
for i=0 to n-1
a(i)=inputbox("Enter the number")
do while(i>n)
if a(i)>0 then
end if
msgbox("Frequent positive number" & posit)
msgbox("Frequent negative number" & negativ)


how to separate the number in "input the number"???

VB Program

Con = New OleDbConnection
'Note: DataDirectory is in ...\bin\Debug\
Con.ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=|DataDirectory|\TacoBell.accdb;Persist Security Info=False;"


Dim idToSearchFor As String = InputBox("enter name of Spicyness to view")

Dim SQL As String
'NOTE: the menuItemName is a string so it needs to be surrounded by ' '
SQL = "SELECT * FROM MenuItem WHERE Spicyness = '" & idToSearchFor & "'"

Dim DS As DataSet 'Object to store data in
DS = New DataSet 'Declare a new instance, or we get Null Reference Error
Dim oData As OleDbDataAdapter

oData = New OleDbDataAdapter(SQL, Con)
i want to be able to type in a price of the items off of my database file in the search box and when i lick search i want it to pop up all the items at that price

vb data enviroment

how can I install a data enviroment on vb 6.0 on my computer?

can someone help me! pls


Hai, am beginner of vb6... my back end is ms-access2003. my simple doubt is how to save name or number in vb textbox, to ms-access column... please help me


I am thinking of coming up with a project for my course in college hi pple can one help me with an interesting project idea or a good project to work on

There are lots of people who

There are lots of people who study and wish to know several things by simply studying the web simply. This is why you need a good source. Thank you for the great visual basic tutorial for beginners!


want a code in xlsm file for oledb in vb. its very urgent pl help me out..


Is it possible to call a sql DB that is on localhost?
I have wamp. I am trying to create a program that the user inputs hours, ROP ( rate of pay ), and how much they make and store the data in a SQL database on server localhost.

RE: Sql

Yes it is possible.

Bets regards,


computer programming a computer programming student can u help me to know about vb 6.0 ??


No - Just read the Visual Basic tutorial for beginners above.

help in registration form

Private Sub cmdclear_Click()
txtusername = " "
txtPassword = " "
Txtemailid = " "
End Sub

Private Sub cmdsubmit_Click()
MsgBox "registered successfully"
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim username As String
Dim password As String
End Sub

Private Sub Optionmale_Click()
If Optionmale.Value = "1" Then
End If
End Sub

Private Sub Option2_Click()
If Optionfemale.Value = "1" Then
End If
End Sub

this is the code ive used for a registration form with 3 textboxs, two radiobuttons, two command
need to know if its correct if else what should be the modifications

Well ... the code behind

Well ... the code behind "submit" button didn't do anything ,except displaying a message box ... actually didn't register anything. ... maybe you should add some connection string , sql query .. and if you define password , and username in the Form_Load Sub , they cannot be used in other sub's or functions ...

Look my example for "Simple Login form" below and see how it's done... registration form is similar ...


i need a coding of library system for my coming assessment this monday .. may u help me?
*codings of reservation of book
*codings of borrowed book

Help me please?!!!

I had a database document connected to my visual basic and all i need is to add working hours, working days, and i need to know how to decrease the salary of an employee if he/she got late into the schedule, example i have an employee named Denzel, and the schedule of her time is 8:30 am but she got 8:35 am. Now what i need is how do i decrease her slary if she get late in the schedule... Can you show me the code??

plz help me how to creat a

plz help me how to creat a payroll system and a code of payroll... tnx

making a payroll

can you please help me make a payroll that many employees can log time in and out using database and i can delete the time posted in msflexgrid?

Help Please

hey, i am in dyer need of a code that creates a shortcut menu program with about 3 programs in as an example, please help, needed ASAP!


Can anybody help me to automatic receive sms message using a broadband dongle using vb6?
This is my email , i manage to set-up some codes but it doesn't work. Please help me in my project.

please help me creating codes

please help me creating codes in grade recording system i don't
know how to start using v.b 6 please help me.

help in vb project

i am createing a project which subject is " customer relationship management". i want to khow that how can link the forms and create software for shop

result processing system

hi this is vimlesh can some one help me to make a result processing system in vb using access database

Lottery program .....

Hi,I just don't know where to start. I want the numbers 1-49 shown on the screen and when I input one of the numbers eg 1 then the number 1 gets highlighted from the list. If someone could just get me started I'd be deeply grateful have looked for weeks on the net with no joy. Thanks to anyone who can help


PLEASE help me write a program using vb:
write a code for a user login and allowing it to link up to the next vb page.

Simple login form

Before VB application to be created you've got to have some SQL server , some database , and table "Users" in it .... In this table you should have columns "name" and "password"

For VB application , you need 1 form with 1 combo box named "cmbUsers" , textbox named "tbPassword" , and button "btnSubmit"
Also you'll need the form in which you want access - frmNextForm

How it works , when Login form is loaded , cmbUsers load all the users names in it , select some , type the password , and SQL query in button click event check if there is any record matching that User name and password , if so - next form is loaded , if there is no such record - password is incorect ! That's it ! It's just a basic login form but , it works ! Hope it would help you ! ;)

'''''''''''''''''''''''''global variables
Dim conn As New ADODB.Connection
Dim recc As New ADODB.Recordset
Dim recc1 As New ADODB.Recordset

''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''add this code below in Submit button click event
Private Sub btnSubmit_Click()

Set recc1 = conn.Execute("select * from Users where name = '" & cmbUsers.Text & "' and password = " & tbPassword.Text & "")

If Not recc1.EOF Then
MsgBox "Password is incorrect"

End If

End Sub
'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' add this code below in form load event
Private Sub Form_Load()

conn.ConnectionString = "yourConnectionString"

Set recc = conn.Execute("Select * from Users") ' Loading users names in combo box

Do While Not recc.EOF
cmbUsers.AddItem (recc.Fields("name"))



End Sub

i wannt to install vb6 on

i wannt to install vb6 on window is it possible ?
and plz send me setup of vb6

my email id is

my email id is plzz i need this very urgently
will be very thnkful to u

tax calc

can some one help me how to make a tax calculator , that does the following :

The first ten thousand is tax free
The next five thousand is charged at 15%
The rest is charged at 30%

You need 1 form with 1

You need 1 form with 1 textbox named "text1" and 1 button named "Command1"

place this code in button click event

Dim am As Double
Dim tax As Double
am = Val(Text1.Text)
tax = 0

If am <= 10000 Then
MsgBox "No tax for :" & am
ElseIf am > 10000 And am < 15000 Then
tax = 0.15 * (am - 10000)
MsgBox "Tax for " & am & " dollars is " & tax
ElseIf am >= 15000 Then
tax = 0.3 * (am - 15000) + 750 '750 is tax for first 5000 dollars over 10000
MsgBox "Tax for " & am & " dollars is " & tax
End If

sir can you please make a

sir can you please make a flowchart diagram on grade evaluation

sir can you please make a

sir can you please make a flowchart diagram on grade evaluation

vb-sql can i make vb connected to sql? and at least have four function..add,edit, update and delete..can anyone help creating a simple system like information system with the fields of

contact no.

as long as it is with SQL and can perform add, edit,update and delete..

please help me... you can email me at



I need vb6 tutorial so can i get this book.
any body Please help help me.





copy paste only..

advance access

can anyone gimme the name of any easily understandable book on advanced access with vb, i'm learning to make a small expenditure manager programme for personal use.and where in mumbai will it be available????

Cant believe this question,

Cant believe this question, and cockhead managers of companies in Australia employ people like you to do coding. LOl


How do you design a payroll system using VB STUDIO? can u send me the source codes? thank you.



i have not seen the code for designing a payroll, so could help me and give me the code


Write a program in VB that allows you to input the dimentions of a room and calculate the cost of placing ceramic tiles if it costs Rs20 per square feat. (Write code) PLEASE HELP


I hope the following code is a helpful one:

Private Sub Form_Activate()
Dim I As Integer, Walls As Integer, Wdth As Integer, Lngt As Integer
Dim TileCost As Long, SumCost As Long
Form1.Font = "Courier New"

TileCost = InputBox("Enter the cost of the tile:", "TILE COST")
Print "Cost per Tile: " & TileCost & vbCr

Walls = InputBox("Enter the number of walls:", "HOW MANY WALLS?")
For I = 1 To Walls
Print " Wall No. " & I
Print "------------"
Wdth = InputBox("Enter the width of the wall", "WALL No." & I)
Print "Width = " & Wdth
Lngt = InputBox("Enter the length of the wall", "WALL No." & I)
Print "Length= " & Lngt
Print "Cost => " & Wdth * Lngt * TileCost & vbCr
SumCost = SumCost + Wdth * Lngt * TileCost

Print "Total cost: " & SumCost
End Sub

Some advices

Hello there

It's more practical to use "double" variables for dimensions of the walls , instead of integer , because , what's happened if width of the wall is 5.6 feet - Integer rounded it - makes it = 6 which is not correct . And also , it's not "Cost per tile" ... in this scenario it's "Cost per square ft" (or other measurement unit for area, doesn't matter) because the the code calculate square feet multiplied to square ft price !
And 1 more thing :) , It's good to calculate the area of the fugues (if there are any) and subtract them from total wall area , then multiply only tiles square feet to square ft price ... ;)

I hope these advices to help this code be more accurate ;)


HeLp nEeDeD

please to those vb masters;;help me to create a small system which enters only 5 names,make changes to it,save and delete,,,also need to know wat characters to put in the form,, and coding.THANKS

Need help...

My e-mail and MSN is If you need anything, I shall be glad to help you.


creating a table

sir, i need your help, i already submitted a query, in this i want creating a table, the name of table will be the textbox if a textbox named card no., we gave its value '5' and submit this...after that the name of table should be 5. Besides this i want a login form connected to ms access database....plz help thanx...


I hope you have received my e-mail about your problem.

Creating a table

Hi... I am a beginner in vb6...nw a days i am making a programme in that i am facing some problems.
The programme connected to Access database, in this, suppose when i submit a number as a data in main form and this data saved to recordset in a table..but i want when i submit the data, a Table should be created in Access database named with that data number which i submitted in main form. And In that table some fileds also to be created..plz help me


I was looking for a tutor from many days. All the local institutes declined to teach as there is a lot of demand for them so they do a lot of nautanki (show attitude) .. Then I decided I'll try to do it on my own... I am trying since 6 months now using books i purchased BUTT in vain.... Now when i was surfing internet to look for some info regarding it, I came across .... Hats off to you man! Thank You for motivating me again.. I had lost hope and was very miserable :)


pls can anybody help me with a link where i can download vb6.0 software thank u

VB6 setup

send me your id on , i'll send you the setup

i need the vb 6 setup

please send me the working version of vb 6 setup

Pls help me with it too.

Pls help me with it too.


if possible ,may you please forward me the VB6 setup. i have been trying and trying but still no success. pleeeeeeeeease... your assistance will be highly appreciated !


i need to get a vb proposal within 3 days plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! help

need help to learn complete vb6

Hi friends,

Can any one help me learning vb6 in detail within short period of time....!!!

Thanks in Advance!!.
You can send me the information to

i need help

im working on my thesis now
and i need a time in time out for my system to calculate the total day and hours for their payroll or salary..please help me
i need a time in time out full system with payroll
using vb 6.0

Library system with ms access,code and design

is there anybody has a copy of running library system?please help to compost a library system for my project proposal....i'm a beginner for this kind of project.

please sent it to my email:
i would appreciate your response.thanks