Beginners Guide

This guide will walk you a through each step of learning the Visual Basic environment so that you will be off and running strong.

This Visual Basic 6 guide walks a beginner step by step through tutorials on this site that will get you up and running. The best way to navigate through the guide is by using the links on the left. Or you can use the links below and then hit your browser's back button. Each link will take you to a different tutorial on this site that will teach you the next step you need to know to learn.

Visual Basic Tutorial for Beginners

  1. One of the first and best things to do is begin to understand the Visual Basic IDE (Integrated Development Environment). By understanding the IDE you will be able to develop VB programs quickly and effectively. Start by reading the Getting to know the VB6 IDE tutorial
  2. The classic first program in any language is the Hello World application. This is a great visual basic tutorial for beginners because as you write this program to you are able to get your feet wet with the bare bone essentials every VB program has. Check out the Simple Hello World VB6 tutorial
  3. Good programmers figure out how to use a consistent naming scheme when they develop applications. The quickest way to graduate out of the beginner VB6 level is to check out the Object Types and Naming Scheme VB tutorial
  4. Variables are used in any real development. Make sure you visit the Quick Variable tutorial to see how variables work in Visual Basic 6
  5. (Optional) More In Depth Understanding variables and types in VB6
  6. When you need to make comparisons or have your program choose between options you will need to understand Visual Basic's if statements. Luckily there's a beginners tutorial that explains just that: Understanding the if conditional statement
  7. Once you grasp the basics check out this next beginner VB6 tutorial that goes more in depth into conditional statements: Understanding if statements and conditionals in VB6
  8. Need to do something repeatedly? Need to iterate through a list of things? Need to count from 1 to 1 Billion by 3's? You need to understand loops! Understanding For, Do, and while Loops
  9. Once a beginner understands how to use functions and subroutines he or she is on the road to being a full fledged VB6 guru. A solid grasp on functions and subroutines allows you to reuse code and functionality throughout your program and in future programs.Functions and Subroutines in VB6 tutorial
  10. Last but not least, begin to learn how to use all the great controls Visual Basic offers and create a great User Interface for your clients to use. Basic Graphical User Interfaces in VB6 - Tutorial

Once you have finished these tutorials you should have a very good understanding of the fundamentals of the Visual Basic 6 language and development environment. Feel free to download some more advanced tutorials and continue learning on your own. If you have any questions or comments related to this Visual Basic 6 guide please post them below.


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anybody explain me how to accept nos in array

i need your help guys...

im really freakin out about where do i really get an exact visual basic 6.0 application/download..
where the firetruck can i exactly get a real vbasic 6.0 installer because we are making our program but the prob is we still dont have the vbasic 6.0 application.. please send me some helpful links, or at least links which should direct me straight to downloading (this crap)vbasic 6.0 with or without the required serial key something something.... please help......anyone


i read your message and i offer my copy of my vb 6 enterprise edition to you.
so let me get your e-mail to sent it to you.

after you get it...please help me to have a library system with ms access, codes and design.thnkz ^_^

You need help?

1st LOL You say the same thing I do only I say FiretrUCK when I need to say that LOL
OK the better way to contact me is mrcrowleyshere@hotmail,com,,,
as I only check my ( ) once every 10 days or so
But it sounds like you need a complete working copy of the VB6 Program (Visual Basic 6.0 )
Cos any copy of VB that has a # like 2003 or higher is NOT VB6 it is actually Visual Basic .NET
that is not the same as VB6, I may be able to help you out with VB6 as I have several working versions of it and I know that they all work on Windows 98 up to Windows Vista
(have not tested it on Windows 7), The thing is each version is different in size and may not have the MDSN (Help) Files But I do have the most VB6 out of many people I know (I have about 70GB's of VB6)
You may also find it at ( I am in that site in screen name Crazy Canadian)
or email me and let me know what you are looking for,,,,, Take Care ,, ICE

Add me

My e-mail is: Add me so I can help you in this!

how many?

how many ways you can access database in vb6? I read using ADO, DAO, ADODC etc.. ?

help me out!!!!

i need the over all idea on coding in vb.....

Simple payroll program

I want to automate in making the monthly payroll entry. this is different from commercialized payroll system. I have already the flowchart / process on how the program will be. and also the design. this is my email: or contact us at 0999-555-0319.

Simple payroll program

I have to create a simple program. i have already the design and process, but I cant do the program using Microsoft Access or Visual Basic. Please help me. I give you the flowchart and design and it s process. this is my SIM # 0999-555-0319.

Simple payroll program


I think i can help you with that.


nid help

i'm so problematic with my system w/c is grading do i program the formula to compute grades in a customize format..wat i mean to say is the user must set the format on how they compute the grades of student
class standing = ((attendance*30%)+(recitation*10%)+class participation*20%)+(quizzes*50%))*40% difficult for me...
pls help me pls...
even a simple codes w/c is closely rel;ated with this problem..
thank you so much....
this is my email


please give me a simple code in visual basic for sjf or shortest job first..please.. Tnx!


I have to write program for a car agency but i don't know how to write the code at all n also i dn't knowhow to save it. Cud u plz help me out!!!!!!!!! in 1 weeks time i have 2 submit my project.......

Poor me :(

Hello..i also need a help..i need to do the automated list using visual basic for my boss..
but i am so blurr where should i start the coding..
actually my automated list is about, delete and sort the column in excel..but according to some requirement..
can somebody help me???

plis buzz me at this

..pls help me aman...


i have a project....

heres the me pls to create a code and to create an output w/design...

"design and develop an application system in Visual Basic the will compute the students tuition fee for XYZ academy. there are three levels of students(with corresponding tution fees), and compute the tuition based on the mode of payment selected. Also compute the discount/or penalty in order to. compute the tution fees below is just a sample layout, you can design/re-design the form.

Tuition Fee Assesment System

level tuition fee
() pre-school (ph 23,000)
() elementary(ph 20,000)
() High School(ph28,000)

Mode of Payment
() Cash(10%discount)
() Semi-Annual(5%interest)
() Quarterly(10%interest)

**All levels are subjected to miscellaneous fee of Ph 4,856**

Basic Fee: _______________________
Tuition Fee:_______________________

i need a great programmer that can confront me

my name is azeez sheriff am 13 years old i need a great programmer that can confront me in any aspect programmining am waiting for you.


I'm here.
Tell me, don't bother about the languages whether it may be .net, vb, java, php, jsp, rdbms,,,,,.


Azeez, which programming language do you specialize? Pls reply ASAP.

hey plz help me.....i want a

hey plz help me.....i want a source code for transmiting and receiving data from pc to pc using vb in one pc and hyperterminal in another pc...plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


sorry i dont know

Guys whats final...does it

Guys whats final...does it work? or does it not work on Vista?

insert value in jsp page using vb6 application

how to insert a value in to a jsp page automatically by using vb6 applicaton


I think you're asking about the posting data to JSP, if am correct.

Vb Program solution?

write & test a vb program to read the date of joining of an employee and calculate he service of that employee (current Date -DOJ),DISPLAY THE DAY, MONTH , YEAR OF HE GIVEN DOJ.

Saving Data to link table

Please can somebody help me how to save data on a link table? i am using adodc..Like i have Table A and Table B link on ID how can i save data to table B..for anyone who wants to help me please give me your email add so that i can send you my program..thank you very much...

Create a Listbox/Combobox in VB but that was the back end

cahello ,
i I have a software Called GE Fanuc SCADA "I-Fix" & i want to create one listbox/dropdown menu/combobox/ I have some tag in my SCADA Like "D1_A_S_M" .
i want to write 1, 2, 4 Value through Drop down Menu here A=auto , S= Stop, M= Manual.

Please send me the Code.

Rahul Dev
+91 -9899062791

Radio buttons

what do you declare a radio button as when making a code?


hi.. can u help me please, using datareport in vb 6.. plz


hi i want the steps for retrieving the datdbase through vb6, pl help me with the vb adodc code to write the subroutines for the same.


To retrive a DB table you need to go for Data components or ADODC components, this coding with example is explained in my site, check it,
just see this, you'll get an idea 'bout Database accesing...
With Regaurds,


I would like to know how to do animations in visual basic 6.0. my main interest is knowing how to rotate objects such as images in visual basic.

vb proposal

pls,pls,. send me a vb proposal about vb heres my eadd: plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.t.y

vb proposal

sdshi.. i am student who ned vb proposal..

grid control, data reports and views

i want to learn about data grid control, how to take the data reports according to our requirements, and views. any body can u help me please...................... my mail id is........

vb project

i need vb project please help me....................... my email add is rockysahu11@GMAIL.COM

vb project

i need vb project please help me.......................

algoritm sjf

project algoritm sjf and fcfs in vb

what is OLEDB Data Environment

how to connect data grid to access database

Oledb data base

Oledb data base is used in data invironment for the purpose of the creating a data reports in a project in visual basic 6.0

First Open a project
then add a data environment in the project then add a data report from the project explorer
add a command and drag and drop from the data enviroment to data report.

try to send me your e-mail

try to send me your e-mail add... i want to help you..

send me your e-mail add or

send me your e-mail add or add me to your skype account

Point of Sale Code

Pliz help.. i want to write a program for a point of sale project. How does it work, if anyone has got a Sample code i would really be happy.

visual vbasic

how to make a code of any kind of program of visual basic 6.0 and how to identify a code of that program

Need help

I have developed a mobile agent system for file management. Now i want to implement using VB, MICROSOFT ACCESS and TELESCRIPT, am having great difficulty. Pls help me with the source codes.

Doing animations in visual basic 6

I would like to know how to do animations in visual basic 6.0. my main interest is knowing how to rotate objects such as images in visual basic.


this is very important thing.

Is this pascal?

Well the code look a lot like pascal! I use scar (cheating program) which I code stuff in and it uses the pascal programming language. But visual basic 6.0 looks like pascal. Am I right?

how to link form one interface to another through visual basic

how to connect from one interface to another using visual basic 6.0...can tu explain step by step how to do it...


i want to learn how vb works but i have no resource to learn it . can you please help me to teach vb.
thank you

can you help me with this program

in this program they have used
Private Sub fillform()

can u tell me how will it work

Private Declare Function Beep Lib "kernel32" _
(ByVal dwFreq As Long, ByVal dwDuration As Long) As Long

Private Sub Command1_Click()
MSComm1.Output = "1"
Customer1.BackColor = vbRed
End Sub

Private Sub Command10_Click()
MSComm1.Output = "B"
Customer2.BackColor = vbButtonFace
End Sub

Private Sub Command11_Click()
MSComm1.Output = "C"
Customer3.BackColor = vbButtonFace
End Sub

Private Sub Command12_Click()
MSComm1.Output = "D"
Customer4.BackColor = vbButtonFace
End Sub

Private Sub Command13_Click()
MSComm1.Output = "E"
Customer5.BackColor = vbButtonFace
End Sub

Private Sub Command14_Click()
MSComm1.Output = "F"
Customer6.BackColor = vbButtonFace
End Sub

Private Sub Command15_Click()
MSComm1.Output = "G"
Customer7.BackColor = vbButtonFace
End Sub

Private Sub Command16_Click()
MSComm1.Output = "H"
Customer8.BackColor = vbButtonFace
End Sub

Private Sub Command17_Click()
MSComm1.Output = "h"
End Sub

Private Sub Command18_Click()
MSComm1.Output = "g"
End Sub

Private Sub Command19_Click()
MSComm1.Output = "f"
End Sub

Private Sub Command2_Click()
MSComm1.Output = "2"
Customer2.BackColor = vbRed
End Sub

Private Sub Command20_Click()
MSComm1.Output = "e"
End Sub

Private Sub Command21_Click()
MSComm1.Output = "d"
End Sub

Private Sub Command22_Click()
MSComm1.Output = "c"
End Sub

Private Sub Command23_Click()
MSComm1.Output = "b"
End Sub

Private Sub Command24_Click()
MSComm1.Output = "a"
End Sub

Private Sub Command3_Click()
MSComm1.Output = "3"
Customer3.BackColor = vbRed
End Sub

Private Sub Command4_Click()
MSComm1.Output = "4"
Customer4.BackColor = vbRed
End Sub

Private Sub Command5_Click()
MSComm1.Output = "5"
Customer5.BackColor = vbRed
End Sub

Private Sub Command6_Click()
MSComm1.Output = "6"
Customer6.BackColor = vbRed
End Sub

Private Sub Command7_Click()
MSComm1.Output = "7"
Customer7.BackColor = vbRed
End Sub

Private Sub Command8_Click()
MSComm1.Output = "8"
Customer8.BackColor = vbRed
End Sub

Private Sub Command9_Click()
MSComm1.Output = "A"
Customer1.BackColor = vbButtonFace
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim temp As String
mul = 5
Line Input #1, c1
Line Input #1, temp
u1 = Val(temp)

Line Input #1, c2
Line Input #1, temp
u2 = Val(temp)

Line Input #1, c3
Line Input #1, temp
u3 = Val(temp)

Line Input #1, c4
Line Input #1, temp
u4 = Val(temp)

Line Input #1, c5
Line Input #1, temp
u5 = Val(temp)

Line Input #1, c6
Line Input #1, temp
u6 = Val(temp)

Line Input #1, c7
Line Input #1, temp
u7 = Val(temp)

Line Input #1, c8
Line Input #1, temp
u8 = Val(temp)

Close #1

Line Input #1, temp
m1 = Val(temp)

Line Input #1, temp
m2 = Val(temp)

Line Input #1, temp
m3 = Val(temp)

Line Input #1, temp
m4 = Val(temp)

Line Input #1, temp
m5 = Val(temp)

Line Input #1, temp
m6 = Val(temp)

Line Input #1, temp
m7 = Val(temp)

Line Input #1, temp
m8 = Val(temp)

Close #1


MSComm1.PortOpen = True

End Sub

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
Dim a As String
a = MSComm1.Input
If a <> "" Then
Beep 500, 300
a = Mid(a, 1, 1)
If a = "A" Then
u1 = u1 + 1
MSComm1.Output = Chr(u1)
End If
If a = "B" Then
u2 = u2 + 1
MSComm1.Output = Chr(u2)
End If
If a = "C" Then
u3 = u3 + 1
MSComm1.Output = Chr(u3)
End If
If a = "D" Then
u4 = u4 + 1
MSComm1.Output = Chr(u4)
End If
If a = "E" Then
u5 = u5 + 1
MSComm1.Output = Chr(u5)
End If
If a = "F" Then
u6 = u6 + 1
MSComm1.Output = Chr(u6)
End If
If a = "G" Then
u7 = u7 + 1
MSComm1.Output = Chr(u7)
End If
If a = "H" Then
u8 = u8 + 1
MSComm1.Output = Chr(u8)
End If

End Sub

Private Sub fillform()
a1 = u1 * m1
a2 = u2 * m2
a3 = u3 * m3
a4 = u4 * m4
a5 = u5 * m5
a6 = u6 * m6
a7 = u7 * m7
a8 = u8 * m8

Customer1.Caption = c1
unit1.Caption = u1
amount1.Caption = a1

Customer2.Caption = c2
unit2.Caption = u2
amount2.Caption = a2

Customer3.Caption = c3
unit3.Caption = u3
amount3.Caption = a3

Customer4.Caption = c4
unit4.Caption = u4
amount4.Caption = a4

Customer5.Caption = c5
unit5.Caption = u5
amount5.Caption = a5

Customer6.Caption = c6
unit6.Caption = u6
amount6.Caption = a6

Customer7.Caption = c7
unit7.Caption = u7
amount7.Caption = a7

Customer8.Caption = c8
unit8.Caption = u8
amount8.Caption = a8
End Sub

Please help me with the codes for Menus(file submenus,Edit etc)

I Have problems writing codes to Menus to get them work e.g File and its submenus, Edit and its sub menues. I'll be very gratefull if u reply through my email ( or on this page. Thanks, this site has been very helpful for vb6 programmers.

I need a help

Hello i need a help in vb6 i design a database project i use a datagrid and i use a property pages/ layout and select a button and i use a this button as a datacombo please help me



VB application using webcam..

I'm creating a VB 6 Application which involved a webcam to get snapshot image for data record, i'm kinda having troubles to make it work. For the database, i'm using MS Access and Crystal Report for the print out. Can anybody help me with this? Thanks.

how to make a class record in VB6

Hello can anybody help me to make a class record using random file in visual basic plzzzzzz.............
by the way i'm anne from Philippines, that program is our final project plzzzzzzzz help me......i beg

Hello!!!! I NEED HELP!!!!

Hello..... I really need to learn how to use VB.... Can anybody tell how to create a program like textwist.... but not really like that i just need to know how to make an animation like that..... Plss!!!!!!

Run Dialog

Does anyone know how to execute a program with command line input in run dialog box???
ex: winrar a -r c:\test.rar *.mdb

plz dude's

i am a student and i need to submit a project on vb on the topic of "airline information system" plz any one help me i am fearing my marks plz guys help me plz i plead u..

i wish u get fail in the

i wish u get fail in the course
for not studying and cheating from the net

Help Me

I Need A VB 6.0 Projects & HTML Projects

Plz Help Me

Any Have a Project

Send Me

My ID Is



i need help

Please someone help me i am a beginner and i want to learn Vb if you can help i need a link to a tutorial a Vb e book that is download able. Thanks

great programming language

I m happy to hear all of your comments. I think all are happy to learn VB. I can say one of the easiest computer programming language in the world. those who learn it as first language you will be good programmer for all other computer language. I have learnt most of the programming language but I encourage you to learn first Visual Basic then learn other language. it is easy and GUI form. I am not that expert but I can design what i want from VB6. I am still learning. Those who want any help from me regarding VB6 project or assignment I can help you. so you can contact me via email anytime.


hi can u help me data base using vb?

hi :)

hi.. can yu please help me in Visual Basic codes on how to use combo box and link it to the database.. "Microsoft Access"..
Thanks.. I'll wait for your reply as soon as possible.. God bless^^,

hello i want to


i want to display numbers in vb text box in 7-segment format, will someone help me out.

Need Help?

Need help to learn vb ???..i can help... of course 10000$$ is needed...just kidding no money is needed..just send me a messenger invitation to ""
OR if you need vb help in emails...send me a mail at ""

help me ....want to work on vb6

This is maloy from kolkata...i am working in now i want to work on vb6...plz anyone give me some ref link.... has some has some examples

See my comment below ;)

See my comment below ;)