External Links

This site is dedicated to maintaining all things related to Visual Basic 6. There are many other great sites located on the web - here is a list of many of them. These sites contain other helpful VB6 tutorials and source code samples. If you find a link that no longer works or if you feel like your site should be listed here - please report it through our Contact Form.

  • Learn Visual Studion .NET - This site explains how to begin learning VB.NET or C# with video tutorials.
  • Visual Basic Tutorial Site - VBTutor.net has a beginners tutorial, a quick guide, and some sample VB programs and games.
  • The VB Programmer - This site offers classic VB6 and VB.NET tutorials, how-tos, and sample applications. The company also offers custom application development, website design, and other consulting and project services. We've used many of their tutorials on this site - Highly Recommended!
  • A Visual Basic .NET 2005 Tutorial that describes how to transition from VB6 into using VB.NET.
  • An open source VB6 library [FRENCH]. It is kind of like what Microsoft did with VB.NET, but it is all for VB6 and open source.


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