Adding Menus at runtime


Adding menus at runtime using Visual Basic 6 can seem very confusing. However, once you understand how control arrays work, it is a very simple process. This is some sample source code that shows you exactly how to do this. If you would like to see a step by step tutorial on how to add menus at runtime using VB6 go here: Adding Menus at runtime in Visual Basic Tutorial .


Download Source Code Sample  

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....I find these tutorials so much useful than the what we do in class. Keep it up Admin. Nyce work.......

hello there

how can my program send me an email on error reports

Hello thanks

Hello thanks





Runtime Menu with Database

Any code for a runtime menu that get data from a database in sql server or postgre sql?

Runtime menu with file ini

Maybe you can try create menu at runtime working with .ini file, using API function for read ini file. I has been try it and success but for other menu i am still confuse
any can help
in my project like this
- Tool
- User

- New Member
- List Member

and the caption of the menu read from ini file