Advanced multiple client server using the Winsock control


This Visaul Basic 6 source code demonstrates how you can create an advanced client server program. This program allows multiple clients to connect to it. It utilizes Winsock control arrays to do so. This is much like how IRC works. All of this is done using VB6 only - no API calls. If you would like step by step instructions check out our Multiple client server chat program using Winsock control tutorial.


Download Visual Basic 6 Winsock Source Code

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Nice job

Thanks, man :)

Believe me you ARE the best

Exellent work baby!! :D
As i said! you are the best!
Thank you for all the efforts
Keep us the good work body! ;)
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This is the best vb site I have ever visited in my quest to executing network applications. may God bless you for making this knowledge available to us all.

Akan Nduonofit
Commenting from AKWAPOLY Nigeria.

Greatly Help me ....Thanks

I am Roohan Aziz. I found this tutorial too greatly helpful to me. My project is to make an automated FTP server which provides communicationbetween server and client remotely.It also operate a remote computer using wan ip. I think it is too helpful for me in my project. I am thankfull to the author and other poeple regarding this tutorial. GOD Help those who help others...Thanks :)....


I don't know about all of you but, I didn't come here expecting him to have MY project all ready and waiting for me. DUH! The author spent HIS PERSONAL TIME creating this so that YOU could LEARN something about Winsock so that when he is done, you MIGHT learn enough to make YOUR OWN project the way you want it. If you want someone to write all your code for you, expect to pay anywhere from $65 to $160 an HOUR for the help.
Stupid kids. I can't believe the COLLOSAL AUDACITY of some young MORONS.
Personally I am grateful that this guy can actually comment PROPERLY and EXPLAIN the processes PROPERLY. MOST tutorials are written by people who THINK that just because they KNOW Visual Basic, they can also write about and explain it. But most of them are so bad at seperating basic, intermediate, advanced knowledge that the only people who can understand them are the ones who already know how to do what he is explaining.
Good example, NEVER use long variable names, it might be alll simple to users who have been at this a while, but an absolute beginner will be confused by which is a command, what is a method, what is a variable, what is a procedure, the only one that is easy is a proper CALL to a procedure because of the word CALL. For this reason, always use 2 letter variables (except where they need to be subscripted) so that the absolute beginner can easily see it is ONLY a variable. Doesn't as easily get mixed up with procedure names, Commands, methods, etc.

My thanks to the author for being so kind and gracious to spend the time to teach someone else for free when he DOESN'T HAVE TO. Hat's off to ya. :)

The original...


Alguém tem link da

Alguém tem link da wikipidia disto?
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Isto dá no vissssssta.

Isto dá no vissssssta.


isto e muito louco mas so ao sabado




isto e muito fixe para quem quer saber disso topas


Just what I was looking for.... many thanks

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Stop spamming, this helps.

Stop spamming please, this tutorial helps others.







WinSock...or Using Socket new to Visual Studio..Am doin a project tat need some networking between a client n nt very sure on hw to use the winsocket or socket...could anyone give me a simple sample on doin for window application..using froms..or..any useful or veri clear n simple website will help....Thanks..

Regards Rafee