Building a highscore manager for your game


Every great game has a fun highscore manager. This allows users to compete with each other and gives them a sense of accomplishment as they take of that top score. With this in mind as we develop a Visual Basic game we must be thinking of how best to store and display the high scores. This VB6 source code sample demonstrates just how to accomplish this. If you would like to see step by step directions for this source check out our Building a highscore manager in VB6 Tutorial


Download Visual Basic sample source code  

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muscle forum

What is exactly the bug dave? Could you describe it


Private Sub Form_Load()
Number = Rnd * 100 + 1
Highscore.LoadScores 4, 999, "Empty", "Guess", False
MsgBox Number
End Sub
In this sub Number is supposed to be a random number between [1,100] but with the actual code the range
will be [1,101]
Two solutions are:
      Number = Rnd * 99 + 1
      Number = Int (Rnd * 100) + 1
Dave from México