Display an app in the system tray by the clock using APIs


Many applications choose to display a small icon in the taskbar notification area. This is the area beside the clock - a lot of times you will have icons there for changing the volume or your antivirus program will many times be in this area. Visual Basic 6 does not have an easy way for us to put our application in the taskbar notification area. Infact many companies have created Active X controls to make this easier. However, instead of spending money on one of these controls, this VB6 source code sample will show you how you can do this using just Windows API calls. If you would like a step by step guide on how to do this check out this tutorial: Display a VB program in the system tray by the clock using APIs Tutorial.


VB Source Code Sample Picture


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thanks, please kindly assist me!

thanks for the tutorials! i was wondering if you can assist me with codes for a programming event driven exe with two to four forms: a login form, form 1 being the main menu, soccer players information (a text box, sixteen labels, three command buttons), form 2 that calculates the team's statistics (matches played won, draw, points earned, goals for and against) and the third form displays coach's personal information and his statistics during his managerial era. am desperate in need for the codes, thank you in advance.

how can i get this code...?????

the gevin url is bad.. its not working at all...

Dead link

This one works ;) http://www.vb6.us/files/File/Display-App-In-Tray/Taskbar%20Notification%20Icon%20API.zip

Link R.I.P

Link R.I.P

Bad Link

Hey yeh, bad link but of course replacing the reference to the localhost machine with the domain will give you the file. So Copy everything after "localhost:#" and paste it into the address bar after www.vb6.us. Don't forget the slash and all is good until they fix the link. Will let "em know. Bill :)

Sorry about that. I didn't

Sorry about that. I didn't realize this - all is fixed now!