Print 3D Gradiant text on a form


This source sample demonstrates some useful features of VB6, but mostly its just kind of fun. Its a perfect simple sample to implement and show off a little to friends. Once you implement this you will see some cool looking effects on the form. It also demonstrates the For loop construct and a bunch of the properties that you can set on a form including: ScaleMode, Font Name and Size and ForeColor.

To use this source code sample create a new VB project, add a button to the form, double click the button, and add the following source code to the click event handler for your command button.

  1. Dim I As Integer
  2. For I = 1 To 255
  3.     Form1.ScaleMode = 3
  4.     Form1.Font.Name = "Times New Roman"
  5.     Form1.Font.Size = 24
  6.     Form1.CurrentX = I / 15
  7.     Form1.CurrentY = I / 15
  8.     Form1.ForeColor = RGB(I + 5, I + 5, I + 5)
  9.     Form1.Print "Cool 3D Text in VB"
  10. Next

Run the program and stare in awe. Once you have it up and working play with some of the setting variable values. You should be able to get all sorts of fun coloring out of it.

Note: The source for this was found at DreamVB which is no longer online.

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two color shaded text in VB6

I have change the above code a bit to bring 2 colour essence to make Red text with black shed.may be usefull for VB lovers

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim I As Integer
For I = 1 To 40
Form1.ScaleMode = 3
Form1.Font.Name = "Times New Roman"
Form1.Font.Size = 24
Form1.CurrentX = I / 10
Form1.CurrentY = I / 10
Form1.ForeColor = RGB(I + 5, I + 5, I + 5)
Form1.Print "Cool 3D Text in VB"

Form1.CurrentX = 4
Form1.CurrentY = 4

Form1.ForeColor = vbRed
Form1.Print "Cool 3D Text in VB"

End Sub



Itz awesome..!! Lovely.. :)

Itz awesome..!! Lovely.. :)

At last [ CBN ]

At last i saw a working site, that makes a great vb programmer

Thank you so much. If this

Thank you so much.
If this have source code is better.. :)


I m so happy b'cos its really working

i will now try this code. .

i will now try this code. . .pls post more. .

Thanks for this helpful

Thanks for this helpful sourcecode!


many people you can help by that Source Code tnx ^^


i really liked this code thank you for sharing it with us

Thanks ,,,Its really Helpful

Thanks ,,,Its really Helpful

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