Using Windows Resource Files and Directx 8


Resource files enable you to store bitmaps, waves, AVI's, icons, cursors, strings, and more... all in one file. It is to your advantage to use a resource file, the alternative is to leave all of your resources exposed, where the user can get at them and modify them. Once you've squished them into a resource file the user cannot touch them! HA! This Visual Basic source code sample shows how you can use resource files in connection with Direct X - specifically Direct Draw. If you would like to see step by step directions on how to create Windows Resource files check out our Using Windows Resource Files in VB6 tutorial.


Download Visual Basic 6 source code sample  

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Asking how to watermaking audio in vb

i have any trouble about watermarking audio, how to read audio(mp3, wav or wma) to array and insert some massage!
then at save dialog in vb6 to compare or rebuild audio and massage to some file..please help me


hi all...
The attached files damaged...


Sorry about that I just updated the Visual Basic source code zip file so it should now work - Enjoy!

Till now the file not fixed :-(

the file still corrupted.
source target :
when I downloaded the ZIP file,the size is 0kb and a mssage popup with this error" The archief is either in unkown format or damaged".

I love VB6

It must be cached in your browser

Hi, Sorry this is still not working for you, but I just tried it again and it worked. I had to clear my browser cache? I don't think it was re-downloading it, but was simply downloading the cached version. At any rate - if that doesn't work try this link: This one should not be cached in your browser :)


Sorry, but what alabzero says is true. Probably YOU have it in your cache. I tried to download it and it is an empy file (zero size).

ADMIN NOTE: You are right, I just fixed it. Thank you!