Visual Basic Network Tutorials

Practically every computer in the world is interconnected but how do you get them to talk to each other. Network programming is the answer. You can use API's to allow your VB apps to communicate with common network protocols such as Tcp/Ip. It can get a little complex at times but its well worth it when you write your first "chat" type program. Its like magic!

  • Level3
    This tutorial explains how you can use the Winsock control to create a server that accepts multiple clients. A lot like how IRC works.
  • Level2
    See how easy it is to create a simple chat program. This tutorial explains how to create both the client and server sides of the program using the Winsock control.

    In this tutorial we will learn how to write a simple client server chat program in Visual Basic 6 using the Winsock control. We will right both the server and client side of this program. One of the ways computers can communicate to each other through the internet is by using TCP/IP. In windows there is a Winsock.dll that programmers can leverage to help in this communication. This DLL is very annoying to use in Visual Basic.

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