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Visual Basic is a great starter programming language. Not only is it easy to learn, but many business applications use it extensively for their applications. If you are just starting to learn to develop applications - this is a great language to start with.  This tutorial and the many other Visual Basic tutorials at this site will give you a solid foundation in your Visual Basic knowledge.

Lets jump right in with a simple application. When you are done with this Visual Basic tutorial, you should have a complete working application that when you click on the button it will say "Hello, World"

Start Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 (VB6)

The New Project dialog box will appear. If it doesn't go up to the menu bar and select File -> New Project

Visual Basic Tutorial Screen 1

In the New Project dialog select Standard EXE, and click the Open Button.

This will bring up your new Project 1 application with Form1 visible.

Already Visual Basic has done a lot for us. As you can see this tutorial isn't very long but already you have a full working application. You can see your new program in action by going up to the menu bar and selecting Run -> Start (Or simply press the F5 key).

You should see the Form1 window appear:

Visual Basic Tutorial Screen 2

This is a fully functional application. You can move it around, minimize and maximize it, and close it down. For you to do this same thing in C++ - the original language most of Windows was written in you would have written hundreds of lines of code. You area already getting to see some of the extreme power VB gives you. Now lets continue with the tutorial. 

Lets make this program say hello!

Visual Basic Tutorial Screen 3

On the left side of the screen you can see the toolbox (if this doesn't show up go to the top menu bar and select View -> Toolbox). In this toolbox you will see a picture of a button. Double click the button icon and it will create a Command1 CommandButton in the center of your form. 

 Visual Basic Tutorial Screen 4

If you run the program now (Press F5) you will see your window now has a button labeled Command1 in the center of it, but if you click the button it doesn't do anything. So lets wire things up so our program will say "Hello, World" when you click the button. Close out of your running program so you are back to the main design environment (pictured above)

Visual Basic allows you to do event driven programming. This is a concept that is very powerful and easy to use. Event driven programming works as follows: Visual Basic has many different events defined that occur when a specified thing happens. We as the programmer can link into these events and write our custom code to do what we want. One very useful event is the Click event. This event occurs any time the user clicks on the specified object. I'm sure the wheels are already turning in your head, if we want to say hello world when someone clicks the button on our form than we should do something in the Click event for the Command1 button. That is exactly what we are going to do.

To write the click event code double click on the Command1 button. This will bring up the code editor and will automatically write the beginning code to handle the click event.

Visual Basic Tutorial Screen 5

Now any code you put between the Private Sub ... and the End Sub statements will be executed when the user clicks the command button. To demonstrate this we will have a message box appear saying hello world. So add this line of code:

Private Sub Command1_Click()
   MsgBox "Hello, World!"
End Sub

MsgBox is a built in Visual Basic function that causes a message box to be displayed to the user. The first parameter this function takes is the text string you wish to have displayed. We choose the text string "Hello, World!". MsgBox also takes other parameters to specify things such as what buttons to display and what caption to use, but these will be discussed later. For now lets see how this works. Run your newly created Visual Basic hello world program (Press F5). Once the program is running click the Command1 button, you should see a message box saying Hello, World! appear.

Visual Basic Tutorial Screen 6

Congragulations! You have written a complete working Visual Basic program using this Hello, World tutorial. Read some of our other VB6 tutorials to learn how powerful this language really is. 


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very nice

very nice

Nice demo.

Nice demo.

(VB) guidelines

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what ever we want to but if it's related on the program

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Can you help me sir with this vb6.0 tutorial

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Wow...this was VERY VERY helpful... thank you.


Nobody's programmers begin the program not try writes "Hello World" :D


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Simple to learn. Thanks


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This Was My First VB 6 project that was very easy and useful thanks :))

Do you think it's bad if my

Do you think it's bad if my first program using vb6 as a very advanced program?

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super easy yet super helpfull

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Hello World ...easy peasy

Hello World ...easy peasy

Private Sub

Private Sub Command1_Click()
msgBox "Hello, World!"
End Sub

thanks! helped me make

thanks! helped me make sense of VB

so easy code..! but that's

so easy code..! but that's so useful.

not good

not good

I don't have any problems

I don't have any problems with this other than the spelling and grammar. Sometimes these tutorials make no sense with text like this - You area already getting to see some of the extreme power VB gives you. Not that this sentence has any significance.

Classically good example, but a mark missed

The time honored "Hello World" is a good example to have used for the beginner. The writing is also easy to understand. However, I take a different point of view with a block like

"This is a fully functional application. You can move it around, minimize and maximize it, and close it down. For you to do this same thing in C++ - the original language most of Windows was written in you would have written hundreds of lines of code. You area already getting to see some of the extreme power VB gives you."

I think it slightly misses the mark. The tutorial author seems to somehow forget that there is VC++ (Visual C++), that similar behind-the-scenes technology that allows you to easily crank out standard Windows Application in VB also allows you to do same in VC++. The point should not be whether Windows was written in C++ or Basic, or Assembler for that matter, the point should be that the complexities that make up the framework of a Windows application --- Window, Frame, Button & other widgets creation, their rendering, Events, Listeners/Callbacks instantiation and setup within a Main Loop --- all of these are intelligently taken care of by the Visual technology: Visual Basic, Visual C++ or other competing Visual programming technologies.

If the point was to make the learner appreciate the simplicity enabled by, in this case, the Visual Basic technology, I would have expected the tutorial author to show all the source code that actually make up the simple "Hello World" application. Of course a link to it would suffice; but the author could then have discussed that Visual Basic (like Visual C++) always takes care of them so that the programmer can concentrate more on the design and flow.

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This example is very simple and it should be a litle bigger. For example specifying a title for the message box.

Coming from a C++

Coming from a C++ background, I find VB to be so much simpler and less stressful.

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it's great to see that boring people do boring jobs, like yourself(programmers). keep the internet going ;)

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thats nice

thats nice

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Hello Everyone!

I have taken Computer Programming, Software Applications, Desktop Publishing, Computer Design and more. If anyone needs help writing code for a program please email me at and explain what you need with a much information as possible!

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visual basic

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Hello, World!


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thank you for helping me in my exam...

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very nice tutorial.. i want some more!!!
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Thanks Alot! it was very helpful. and is helping me alot already

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Good Tutorial

Good Tutorial

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wow..........kjn kjnc kjncv

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Clean and includes source. A+ =)


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