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And now on to the Splash Screen example. The idea behind the splash screen example is to introduce the user to the application by showing a form with perhaps a logo or colorful graphic. The splash screen should display for a few seconds and then automatically switch to the application's main screen with no intervention from the user.


To build this sample application, perform the following steps:

  • Start a new VB project.


  • Set the following properties of the form:


Property Value

(Name) frmSplash

BorderStyle 0 – None


  • Place an Image control on the form. (Be sure to use an Image, and not a PictureBox.)


While the PictureBox is a versatile control, more overhead is involved in using it. If all you want to do is display an image, then use the Image control. The PictureBox can also be used to display an image, but it also enables you to use graphics methods and can also serve as container (similar to a Frame) that lets you house other controls. Since we don't want to do any of that stuff and just want to display an image, we'll stick with the Image control.


Resize the Image control to encompass the size of the form. Name the control imgClouds.


Set the Stretch property to True. When the Stretch property is True, the picture you assign to the Image control will automatically expand or contract to conform to the size of the control. When the Stretch property is False, the Image control will automatically resize itself to expand or contract to the size of the picture that is assigned to it.


Set the Picture property. When you click the ellipsis button on the Picture property, a dialog box will open to allow you to navigate your system to find a suitable picture file. The main types of files that can be assigned to an Image control are .bmp, .jpg, .ico, and .wmf. Depending on the OS you are using, the clouds.bmp file may or may not be present on your system. If it is, the most likely place it would be is in either the Windows or WINNT directory. If you cannot find "clouds.bmp", simply navigate your system to locate any file of the appropriate type. Once you find your file, click Open on the dialog box. The picture will then fill the Image control.


  • Place a Label on the form, move it to the center of the form and increase its width to encompass the width of the form. Set the properties of the label as follows:


Property Value

Alignment 2 - Center

BackStyle 0 – Transparent

Caption My Cool Application

Font Arial (Bold Italic, Size 24)


  • Place a Timer on the form and set its properties as follows:


Property Value

(Name) tmrSplash

Enabled True (the default)

Interval 3000 (3 seconds)



At this point, your form should look something like this:





  • From the VB Project menu, choose Add Form and select the option to add a new form. Name the new form frmMain. For the purpose of this demo, you need not place any controls on this form.


  • Back on frmSplash, code the tmrSplash_Timer event as follows:


Private Sub tmrSplash_Timer()


tmrSplash.Enabled = False


Unload Me


End Sub


  • Run the project. The splash screen will display for three seconds and then the main form will be displayed. Close frmMain.


Download the VB project code for the example above here.


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That's really an excellent

That's really an excellent content & thank you so much to the author to share with us !

This is great application and

This is great application and the tutorial mentioned by you in this post is very helpful and very easy to understand this application with the help of above tutorial. I love it because through this it has become very easy to find the real value of the property.

pls i neeed ur assistance on

pls i neeed ur assistance on visual basic splash screen design

ordering system

how to make a ordering system using vb?


how to move text in vb

re how to move text

Hi, from my point of view, just using that textBox1.setbounds(textBox1.left-/+(number),, textBox1.width, textBox1.height). and make it as a click event or mousehover event. then it will move. :D


thank you so much




hi i ask something, how to autorun my program in VB6.0? i want to run automatically when i turn on my computer....... plz answer me... thnx godbless............................................

Start up...

Why don't you add a shortcut of its location at the Startup folder in the Start menu of the Windows?

Just like all the other programs they start automatically when you log in the Windows, e.x. the printer utility.

Autorun program

Just play with the system registry.



How do you control two forms

How do you control two forms at a time? If, for example, I want to create a two player game and need to use two forms at the same time, how do i go about doing that?

How to control 2 Forms

You place (FormName).(ObjectName).(Property)


Private Sub Form2_Load()
form1.text1.text = "hello world" 'This will put the text "Hello World" to the (form1's) (text1)

problem in this

Dim p As Integer
Dim Y As Byte

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
'==============|| program to create the typing effect on the form ||=================
'==============|| a small animation in VIsual Basic ||=================

Select Case Y
Case 0
Label2 = "Welcome to the Restaurant Master v.1.01 ...... "
End Select
s = Len(Label2)
Label1 = Left(Label2, p)
p = p + 1
''=================== to keep the typing effect continuosly =================''
''If p = s Then ''
'' p = 0 ''
'' Y = Y + 1 ''
'' Y = Y Mod 7 ''
''End If ''
Label1.ForeColor = RGB(Rnd() * 255, Rnd() * 255, Rnd() * 255) 'just a small colour change
'to give more animation

If p = s Then
Unload Me 'unload form when the animation is over
If LoginSucceeded Then
Unload frmSplash
Unload frmLogin
LoginSucceeded = False
End If
End If
End Sub

this is my splash form coding , but when i run my program it show splash screen ,and then login screen . but it does not show main form after that.

please correct it


you have used RND() to randomize but did not declare it anywhere in he program

Transfer your code If

Transfer your code

If LoginSucceeded = true then
unload frmSplash
unload frmLogin

transfer that code to the frmLogin -CODE-

or declare LoginSucceeded as a Global variable
Option Explicit
Global LoginSucceeded as boolean

Yor Genuis

thanks so much you really did a great job which you did not know.
I will surely have to contribute as well when I'm up on my feet.
God bless you.

VB is still alive

and I, who believed that the VB was dead.
Ciao from Rome, Italy

Helpful Website

I just want to thank you for the most helpful website ever.


That's true mate ;)

thanks a lot

thanks for sharing !


thanks for sharing this vb project.

Thanks for sharing vb

Thanks for sharing vb project.

i think i could have figured

i think i could have figured

i think i could have figured that out myself, but really nice tutorial, i made mine alot more advanced, but you explain evrything really nice :)

if the timer is set to

if the timer is set to false, wouldnt the splash screen stay on as the timer is disabled? I dont get it :(

i now understand vb

i already have a background of vb, but this tutorials will much better because you explain well the entire passage of what is vb can do.

This is exactly the

This is exactly the information I have been looking for. I usually mess up with the codes, its good to know that I can finally have a way of figuring things out. Thank you. :)

Print data from data grid

Thanks alot for great codes!. I have a question how can I print the data from data grid to excel and word using VB6?


Great tutorial, much appreciated!

methods on how to apply

Be patient enough to post teaching methods on how to apply and perform multiple form splash screen.It can be more easier to the users especially to new beginners.

teaching method

Be patient enough to post teaching methods on how to apply and perform multiple form splash screen.It can be more easier to the users especially to new beginners.

wow very owesome tutorial dude

this tutorial is very helpful to me..thank you very much...
keep it up i hope that you can have more people you can help with your tutorials...its very great...



i need help please

its very wonderful tutorial and very helpful , but i need some help how i can make a report for my data which displayed in my form not to get from the tables, i want to change the criteria as the user want, thanks a lot

very informative

wow this is owesome...i love visual basic..i hope i can learned more here...
it really helps us new beginner in the gaming bussiness...



Thanks a lot, thank you for the tutorial and explanation, i really got it.its so simple,i learnd! i have question on how to do the "blink blink text" before it load the frmsplash?
can any one help me with this?

use a timer if text1.text =

use a timer
if text1.text = "Dondon" then
text1.text = ""
else text1.text = "Dondon"
end if

dont forget to set the intervel to 50

Please Help me!

my visual basic 6.0 has no splash screen form in it . . . i need it terribly for our school project . . .how can i have pr download the splash screen form? -.-

Which Form loads first?

I too am confused. I had a small routine, so just added a splash screen to it. But it doesn't appear to load. Looking over this (and a few other examples), I don't understand why the splash screen form runs at all. What code is there that makes this form load first? Is it simply because it was "created" first? Does that mean that for any program, I must code it in the order that I want things to first occur?



Go to PROJECT > PROJECT[NAME] Properties

Then you'll see the option there to select which form is the startup object. Just select your Splash Form.

i got a prob, and desperate for help!!!!!!

i already had a main form and then i added the splash screen. when i run the program, only the main form shows. how to make the splash show b4 the main? my splash's a little different from the shows a hockey puck sliding across the screen revealing the word welcome (each letter is an individual label). it has a timer for the.............well timing or events. this is what the code looks like. can you tell me if i went wrong in my method, or it you can make my code more "efficient", and how to make the splash screen to show up before the main form. its a school project that reads scores from a .dat file and prints it organised:

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()

Dim i As Integer
Dim frmStats As New frmSplash

While tmr.Interval < 5000
For i = 3240 To 11040
picPuck.Left = i
Next i
If picPuck.Left = 3900 Then
lblW.Visible = True
ElseIf picPuck.Left = 3900 Then
lblE.Visible = True
ElseIf picPuck.Left = 4680 Then
lblL.Visible = True
ElseIf picPuck.Left = 5160 Then
lblC.Visible = True
ElseIf picPuck.Left = 5760 Then
lblO.Visible = True
ElseIf picPuck.Left = 7080 Then
lblM.Visible = True
ElseIf picPuck.Left = 7920 Then
lblE2.Visible = True
End If

If tmr.Interval = 5000 Then
tmr.Enabled = False
Unload Me
End If

End Sub

Try this

Dim i As Integer

Private Sub Form_Load()
i = 3240
End Sub

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()

Dim tim as integer

If tim < 5000 then

If i < 11040 then
picPuck.Left = i
End if

Select Case picPuck.Left
Case 3900
lblW.Visible = True
Case 3900 *
lblE.Visible = True
Case 4680
lblL.Visible = True
Case 5160
lblC.Visible = True
Case 5760
lblO.Visible = True
Case 7080
lblM.Visible = True
Case 7920
lblE2.Visible = True
End Select


Unload Me
End If
End Sub

*Why did you use 3900 twice?

different shaped splash screen

is there anybody, to make backgroundless image as a splash screen?

Thanks for your Overview

You can easily create a splash screen for your Access application. Even better, you can give it purpose by making it interactive with buttons, textboxes, and other objects.The main emphasis in this article was on Paneled Forms, splash screens, and SQL Express, but apart from that, when you download the application/code, you will find a very rich usage of TreeView control (figures 8 and 9), crystal reports, and rich and colorful dialogs.

Most Helpful Website

I just want to thank you for the most helpful website ever.
Every in this website is in VB 6.0, do you have something like this in VB .NET?

Thanks alot

hello, where can i set the

hello, where can i set the following properties of the form:

"Property " "Value" the one you mentioned in the beginning of the tutorial?

Those are just the headings

Those are just the headings - telling you to set the properties below with the values below.

i think i could have figured

i think i could have figured that out myself, but really nice tutorial, i made mine alot more advanced, but you explain evrything really nice :)

I definitely wouldn't have

I definitely wouldn't have been able to, so I'm even more thankful for the guide!

Your welcome. If you want to

Your welcome. If you want to help keep this site great (and get your name out there) consider Submitting a tutorial or two to this site.

Thanks alot mate! Even

Thanks alot mate! Even though i was not looking for this solution, you help me out with another problem, cheers! im new to visual basic! at the current stage i find it very annoyin, when basic things are so hard to do!


Thanks. This helped me out.

Nice tutorial on splash screen

I like it very much. But can you teach me how to do a loading type of splash screen. For example when the application takes time to load on slow pc. thank you very much