Understanding VB6's DateAdd function


The DateAdd vb6 function enables you to add a specified time interval to a date.



DateAdd(interval, number, date)


The DateAdd function syntax has these parts:





Required. String expression that is the interval of time that you want to add.


The string expression can be any of the following:


Expression Description

"yyyy" Year

"q" Quarter

"m" Month

"y" Day of year

"d" Day

"w" Weekday

"ww" Week

"h" Hour

"n" Minute

"s" Second


Note: To add days to date, you can use either "d", "y", or "w". Be advised that the term "weekday" ("w") has nothing to do with skipping weekend days; i.e., it is NOT equivalent to "business days". Applications that would require skipping weekend days (like Saturday and/or Sunday) would have to be custom coded.



Required. Numeric expression that is the number of intervals you want to add. It can be positive (to get dates in the future) or negative (to get dates in the past).



Required. Date value that you want to evaluate.



To demonstrate DateAdd, set up a "Try It" project, and place the following code in the cmdTryIt_Click event:


Private Sub cmdTryIt_Click()

Print "Current date/time is: "; _

Format$(Now, "Long Date"); _

Spc(1); _

Format$(Now, "Long Time")


Print "*** DateAdd Function Examples (with 3 as the number argument) ***"

Print "Using 'yyyy':"; Tab(20); DateAdd("yyyy", 3, Now)

Print "Using 'q':"; Tab(20); DateAdd("q", 3, Now)

Print "Using 'm':"; Tab(20); DateAdd("m", 3, Now)

Print "Using 'y':"; Tab(20); DateAdd("y", 3, Now)

Print "Using 'd':"; Tab(20); DateAdd("d", 3, Now)

Print "Using 'w':"; Tab(20); DateAdd("w", 3, Now)

Print "Using 'ww':"; Tab(20); DateAdd("ww", 3, Now)

Print "Using 'h':"; Tab(20); DateAdd("h", 3, Now)

Print "Using 'n':"; Tab(20); DateAdd("n", 3, Now)

Print "Using 's':"; Tab(20); DateAdd("s", 3, Now)


Print "*** DateAdd Function Examples (with -3 as the number argument) ***"

Print "Using 'yyyy':"; Tab(20); DateAdd("yyyy", -3, Now)

Print "Using 'q':"; Tab(20); DateAdd("q", -3, Now)

Print "Using 'm':"; Tab(20); DateAdd("m", -3, Now)

Print "Using 'y':"; Tab(20); DateAdd("y", -3, Now)

Print "Using 'd':"; Tab(20); DateAdd("d", -3, Now)

Print "Using 'w':"; Tab(20); DateAdd("w", -3, Now)

Print "Using 'ww':"; Tab(20); DateAdd("ww", -3, Now)

Print "Using 'h':"; Tab(20); DateAdd("h", -3, Now)

Print "Using 'n':"; Tab(20); DateAdd("n", -3, Now)

Print "Using 's':"; Tab(20); DateAdd("s", -3, Now)


End Sub


For this example, you will need to adjust the size of your form to make it long enough to display all of the output lines.


Run the project and click the "Try It" button. The output should look similar to the following:




Download the VB project code for the example above here.


Adding a Time to a Date

We saw previously that you can use the DateValue and TimeValue functions to extract the date portion or time portion, respectively, from a Date field that contains both Date and Time data. What if you need to do the reverse – where you have two separate date fields, one with date data only and one with time data only, and you need to put them together in one date field that contains both date and time data? Although there is not a specific function to do this, it can be accomplished with the following code (presented in the context of a "Try It" example):


Private Sub cmdTryIt_Click()

Dim dtmDateOnly As Date

Dim dtmTimeOnly As Date

Dim dtmBoth As Date


Print "Current Date/Time is: "; Now


dtmDateOnly = DateValue(Now) ' isolate date portion

dtmTimeOnly = TimeValue(Now) ' isolate time portion

Print "dtmDateOnly = "; Format$(dtmDateOnly, "m/d/yyyy h:nn:ss AM/PM")

Print "dtmTimeOnly = "; Format$(dtmTimeOnly, "m/d/yyyy h:nn:ss AM/PM")


dtmBoth = dtmDateOnly ' initialize the combined var with the date only var

Print "dtmBoth = "; Format$(dtmBoth, "m/d/yyyy h:nn:ss AM/PM")

dtmBoth = DateAdd("h", Hour(dtmTimeOnly), dtmBoth) ' add the hour to the combined var

Print "dtmBoth = "; Format$(dtmBoth, "m/d/yyyy h:nn:ss AM/PM")

dtmBoth = DateAdd("n", Minute(dtmTimeOnly), dtmBoth) ' add the minute to the combined var

Print "dtmBoth = "; Format$(dtmBoth, "m/d/yyyy h:nn:ss AM/PM")

dtmBoth = DateAdd("s", Second(dtmTimeOnly), dtmBoth) ' add the seconds to the combined var

Print "dtmBoth = "; Format$(dtmBoth, "m/d/yyyy h:nn:ss AM/PM")


End Sub


Run the project and click the "Try It" button. The output should look similar to the following:



Download the VB project code for the example above here.

Written By TheVBProgramer.

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Thank You!!

I searched for over 4 hours all over the web to get instructions how to add a time to a date. It's very hard to find help for VB6 without getting instructions for newer VB versions. Your instructions are extremely helpfull and filled my need exactly. Thank you very much!

Thanks for this - helped me

Thanks for this - helped me out.
One thing though, if you're just working in days, you don't need it. e.g. DimDate = NOW + x

Thanks for this very powerful

Thanks for this very powerful information.

adding only month to a date got from date picker

i wanted to how to add only month to a date which is got from a date picker tool please let me know the code


Thanks for the post I needed it.

tnx for these post. i've

tnx for these post. i've been looking for these for how many days, atlast!....it helps me in finishing my navigation calculator....tnx. more power!!!

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