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Visual Basic 6.0 is no longer supported by Microsoft so how do you get a hold of it? Currently there is not an easy legal way to get a hold of VB6. Yes that's correct - although people will tell you to simply download a bit-torrents for VB6 or to search for visual studio 6 download on "bad" sites, this is not legal because you did not buy a VB6 license. Stupid I agree considering that Microsoft does not allow you to purchase a license.

If you simply need to install an application that was originally written in VB6 you can download the Runtime Installer for VB, install it, and then install your VB program. If you want to get a hold of the VB6 developer environment I suggest asking friends that might have it and no longer use it - for example companies that maybe bought legitimate copies and are willing to give up their license (although you would need to verify this is legal and that the license is transferable). Another option is to try and buy it on EBAY.

For those of you that already own VB6 but are looking for good add-ins and downloads for it here is a list of a few good ones.

  • VB Documentation Generator - Use this to create documentation for your VB code.
  • MZ Tools - FREE add in you can download and use to make your coding more productive.
  • Error handling tool adds error handling to all routines or selected routines in your VB code
  • Code Help Addin - Adds many useful features - including an easy way to change tab information
  • Visual Basic 6.0 Software Free Download

    Often when doing Visual Basic development we run into "stuff" we need to make our VB applications more responsive, interesting, creative, fun, etc. Here is a compiled list of Other non VB6 Software and resources that are free to download and will help improve your application:

    • Icon Archive - This is a great site with free icons you can download to use in your Visual Basic software. They have a great search feature and a huge number of resources.
    • SourceMonitor - This is an excellent tool for doing static code analysis on your larger VB applications. It works with VB6, VB.NET, and many other languages.
    • VB to Converter - This tool is a little more controversial. We almost didn't list it, but this site lets you convert VB6 code to many different languages if you are at a point you need to do so.
    • Do you have any other recommended Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 downloads? Is there an addin or control you can't live without? You should post about it in the comments below so we can all benefit!

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for studies

I want this software for educational concern.

vb free software

Pls give me link to get vb free software. my email id is:rraajjkkss@yahoo.co.in,


Visual Basic studio 6.0 (Including) Licence key

Visual_Basic studio 6.0 (Including) Licence key
goto following links :- http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BHQ31P5R

TORRENTZ download:-
Visual Basic 6 0 Enterprise Edition with serial zip

link:- http://torrentz.eu/1b29474f1bdf4d18df7042c96bc0784a4f7e7a9a


This soft is working. !!!!!!!!!! thanks a lot brother. <3

Thank you so so much

Thank you so so much

Thanks very much

Thanks very much





Excellent Web

Excellent Web , I like it.

Look at MSDN

If you want to get a legal copy of VB, they're available for download through your MSDN subscription in the "Developer Tools" section. They have VB2, 3, 4, 5, 6 as well as the .NET versions. If you need to go back even older, there's even QuickBasic 4.5 available.

just download it from

just download it from ThePirateBay -.-

microsoft visual basic 6.0 full version free download

help me plz get me a microsoft visual basic 6.0 full version free download
plz give me setup this software

vb6.0 ide

this is the bast ide for developer


want to download vb thank u :)


plz provide me the link to download vb6 software i need it for my project i hv 2 submit the project by aug 1st post as soon as possible

I need a code that adds

I need a code that adds records in to Ms-Access Data base Using visiual Basic 6.0

VB6.0 Downlaod

Free vb6.0 Download By CD-FULL

vb6.0.Part1.rar (85.83MB)
vb6.0.Part2.rar (85.83MB)
vb6.0.Part3.rar (85.83MB)
vb6.0.Part4.rar (85.83MB)
vb6.0.Part5.rar (85.83MB)
vb6.0.Part6.rar (22.83MB)
Key (เซิฟแรงพุ่งกระฉูด)
Password : t3-network



will this work?

will this work?



vb 6.0

vb 6.0

mau download tp gak bisa

kok gak bisa didownload yah???



hhmmmm............ having trouble getting VB6

all the downloads have been shutdown and you can no longer get VB6 :(
if you know a way how please post in this site!

vb studio 6.0

i want free download visaul studio 6.0.............plz get me

Visual Basic

I Need Visual Basic Exerts Codes

irei fazer um bom uso do vb6

irei fazer um bom uso do vb6

i want download vb6

i want download vb6

i need vb6

i need vb6 please.....
i've project in it

Need to create executable for my working version of VB6

I downloaded this executable hoping that it would let me create an .exe which I can't with my working version of VB6. I did get a copy of the
professional version when I took a class at a local community college which allowed me to create a .exe but unfortunately that was back in 2007 and
my hard drive crashed. I had to install only the working version of VB6 that I had from a book.

The executable above gives an option to compile but it still does not create an executable saying that it is not possible in the Working Edition.
Does anyone have any suggestions. I want to create a exe for a disk for friends to play an app I created.

Visual Studio .net 2002

hello, I have Visual Studio .NET 2002 installer and I was trying to figure out how to install VB6 ONLY. I have Vista OS and when I insert the cd, it wont install. ANy enlightenment please...?

maybe your installer isn't

maybe your installer isn't compatible with your OS

hello...anyone here know

hello...anyone here know regarding VB command of voice control..

hi plz give the vb6 software

hi plz give the vb6 software and exception handling program in dbms

VB 6 CDs

I have all the 3 CDs (Visual Studio and MSDN Library) but the 3rd CD contains some bad blocks (some files cannot be read). But my main issue is that I don't have any administrator rights on the computer I want to use, so no VB6. (Thanks God Visual C++ works)


Thanks a lot man

Thanks a lot man

VB6 download

http://www.mediafire.com/?8zukiyimjkt is the address


thanks alot

backdoored man NICE TRY as$

backdoored man NICE TRY as$ h0l3

Thanks a lot man!

Thanks a lot man!

Greatly appreicated!

Works perfect for my training which I am embarking for begining programming understanding.

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If you want full and best

If you want full and best software of VB 6.0 then contact me at mnk_sag@yahoo.com.
hacking code and software guanine / learnings will b also...


Please give me the program vb6.0

Hi Pls provide me the link

Pls provide me the link from which i can download VB6 for doing my projects
my mail ID is ruchi.khatri07@gmail.com

How to get free Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition Full Ver

Any one can tell me the way to get VS2008 Prof. Edition (Full Version) freely.

Or if you are a current

Or if you are a current student you can sign up to 'Microsoft Dreamspark' and get a free copy through there... thats what i did and it is AWESOME! and its all legit copies aswell

How to get free Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition Full Ver

>Sani -
>How to get free Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition Full Ver
>Any one can tell me the way to get VS2008 Prof. Edition (Full Version) freely.

You Would Have To Use A Crack Or An Illegal Keygen. Email Me For Help

Visual Basic 6 Download Link

Since Microsoft is not providing an official link, your best bet is warez :P


- http://katz.cd/search?q=Visual+Basic+6
- http://www.phazeddl.com/search.php?q=Visual%20Basic%206

Or try downloading from Torrents :

- http://www.torrentz.com/search?q=Visual+Basic+6

Take Care :-)

Jai Hind!

Warez is illegal!!!!!

Warez is illegal!!!!!

I want VB 6

Plz give me the link for vb 6,here my email TessarDaChamp@hotmail.com
Thx you

i want vb6 for free download

plz provide me the link to download vb6 software i need it for my project i hv 2 submit the project by aug 1st post as soon as possible

Application for vb6 software

kindly allow me download vb6 application for assignment, pls agent

it's good

it's good

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..plz send me the installer of vb 6.0. .here's my e-mail: antumania@gmail.com

i'll share with u all.........

tell me wat program do u want and i'll give u the dl.....
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Ahmad Naufal aka Blackfire21 don u ever try to make a request or i'll
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I wants download vb progrma

I wants download vb progrma for progmming

visual basic application

i need visual basic to download for free please

don u ever post it rite here......

this is for them who got vb 6 from me...
don try to post it anywhere without my permission...
someone will report it...
and if u do that....i swear i'll hack ur email.....


I fuking need it really fast
i got exams of vb6 on 18th of this month and need to practise abit,please if someone could help me i would appreciate it

no im busy sorry!

no im busy sorry!

sorry for late reply ya....

sorry for late reply ya....


hai to you
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anyone who want the visual basic 6 just email me at smksucoderz@gmail.com and u'll get the dl....


Please give me vb6.0

I need vb6

I would appreciate a dl for vb6. I'm just a programmer trying to get vb6...don't hack me... :( Give me an email or something at Dahackerz2@gmail.com...thx

I need the Visual Basic 6 or 5

I need to make some programas in visual basic to manage and mantain two data bases in Access.
these programs is for an Elementary School
the first data base contain personnal data of the students like, grade, list number, name, address, street and number, zip cade, telephone, mother's name, father's name, mother's email, father's email, blood type.

and the second data base will contain, grade, list number, name, an image or photografy extension jpg, month of the year, tuiton of the month, payment of the month the amount of the tution if the student has a schoolarship, and the % of the discount if the student has a schoolarship..

The first screen of the program will be a menu, if the user wants to maintain the personnal data of the student or the payments of the month.

the data bases will be in Access.

Could you tell me if you know one System to manage the students of a school? and where to find the programs?
Thanks for your Attention.

VB 6 application in school database

Hello! my group and I are currently working on a similar project. May we ask for assistance? We are just starting and we need to finish it in a month. thanks!

pls i have a problem. I want

pls i have a problem. I want to be a computer programmer based on games like puzzles, who want to be a milloniare and other graphic based programs.which programming language should i use? and how do i get started?

There is no free VB6, and

There is no free VB6, and never was. All of those are illegal copies and some hazardous, most especially the "Portable" versions which are often malware-infested.


I got portable last year and i remember that i have a reg file that allowed me to create a exe file, due to viruses. i wiped pretty everything. Now i got the portable version, and is crashes so many times after i add a image. do anyone knows how to create exes with out the reg or a link for the reg files please!

download visial basic 6 for free

télécharger download Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 gratuit free rapidshare



what's the password for this? Please tell me, i need to create my program. Thanks

and the password for the

and the password for the files?????

The password is

The password is www.farkliyiz.com
If you really want to know how I got that follow the link then look for "Mot de Passe" (French for Password) on the site.

The password is

I have scanned this with both Malwarebytes and McAfee and have found no viruses. As far as I'm concerned, this link is clean.

you know whats anoying my

you know whats anoying my college uses vb6 and its hard to work from home since i can't seem to get hold of it anywhere !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bloody microsoft ruining my education

Same here. I wonder how the

Same here. I wonder how the College got hold of a copy if it's not possible to get a copy legally.

I'm not sure about your

I'm not sure about your college, but I think that MOST of them offer MSDN subscriptions for people enrolled in computer programming related courses and I believe that VB6 is still obtainable via MSDN... but I could be wrong.

duh, they've had it

duh, they've had it years!
most places wont use vb.net because its a 'security risk'

Visual Basic 6

Thanks !


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เว็บดี ๆ มีความรู้มากเลยคับ

Go on YouTube, search "VB6

Go on YouTube, search "VB6 Quick Get".


I know where u can get vb6 but it portable search in plunder type:"vb6" then click on vb6.zip download it.



Fee DownLoad for VB6

I would like to receive a free download of Visual BASIC 6.0.
I am using Windows2000 Professional SP4.
If you can help me receive this I would gladdly appreciate it.
Write to : TECHNUT007@yahoo.com

Please write to me directly as soon as u can.

for visul basic

i wanted to get free visual basic 6.0 software. how............?

iwanted to get free visual basic 6.0 software. how............?

Go to: http://mediafire.com/download.php?tgicg4hn1n5



Adding new materials

Can you add a new material that gets you to make an uninstall program? Because I know VB6 can make installations and exe programs. So can you PLEASE make VB have uninstallation in it? I'm not begging but please!


Chack dis out

VB6 still free & no licence needed

VB6 can still be gotten for free with out beeding a licence at all there are links posted on youtube for getting it for free and there are some ppl that share it for free an some will get it to you for a small fee a service fee for finding it for you.

Get VB6 for FREE here.....

Get VB6 for FREE here at
........ FREE

Filename: VB6.0 download.zip

File description: VB6.0 download

File size: 84.24 MB



The link died... Could you

The link died... Could you reupload it?