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Many people have asked me what I recommend for people wanting to graduate from Visual Basic 6 and move on to VB.NET. For those of you who are not familiar with VB.NET, you can actually use it for free unlike VB6. Because of this, and because dot net developers are some of the most sought after programmers in businesses, many people are wanting to learn VB.NET or C#. Check out the VB.net Tutorials we have below:

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    Just like classic VB included more and more great controls as years went by, Microsoft has also released more and more helpful components for VB.NET developers. One of the biggest examples of this is the Visual Basic Power Pack (that was released in 2005). This powerpack provide things like Shapes, DataReader, PrintForm, and many others. Check out how to make use of it in your next .NET app.
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    Sometimes you want to simply get the user's attention and let them know some information. This is easy with the MessageBox. However, what if you not only want to get their attention but you also want them to input some information? In classic VB we would use the InputBox, but where is that in VB.NET. Have no fear this article will show you exactly how to get that same functionality.
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    Once you start developing even the most basic of desktop applications you will hit a point where you need to save data out to a file. The simplest way to do this is to simply save it out into a text file (if you want to get more advanced you can encrypt it). This tutorial gives you the understanding you need to save data out into a simple text format.
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    So you have a file full of text how can you parse and read it. This File Reading VB.NET tutorial explains exactly how. It goes over examples of fixed width files, tab and comma delimited files, and even how to use the .NET TextFieldParser class. After going through these examples you will be handling text files with the best of them.
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    The Windows API allows any program to have full access to all the inner workings of Windows. This is means as a developer we should be learning what all the Win32 API offers so that we aren't limited by the language or libraries we are using. This tutorial walks through a simple example of how to interact with Microsoft's Windows API.
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    Comparisons in programming allow us to do the most simple and powerful thing - make a choice. By using comparisons we can do things like branch in different directions if something is true, or loop over a bunch of things until a comparison is false, etc. This tutorial explains all the operations VB.NET supports when doing comparisons. This will provide a solid foundation for some of the more advanced features of Visual Basic .NET.
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    VB.NET has amazing support for handling strings. This includes both the native .NET methods as well as the ones in Microsoft provided Microsoft.VisualBasic namespace (which makes migrating from VB6 over to VB.NET much easier). This tutorial goes through most of the string handling functions in in both these areas and compares them to each other.
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    For everyone coming from a VB6 background Microsoft has provided many great ways to migrate over to VB.NET. One stepping stone in this process is the Microsoft.VisualBasic namespace that they provided. This namespace allows VB6 programmers to start developing VB.NET apps quickly and comfortably. This tutorial gives a quick introduction to this namespace and how you can use it to start developing in VB.NET and then move onto the more “pure” .NET functions.
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    As you put together great applications you will find there are certain controls that you will use over and over again. It is important to get a good foundation in how you can use these controls, what functionality they offer, and what their limitations are. This tutorial provides just that foundation.
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    Windows has some great built in dialogs for both opening and saving files. As a developer it is easy for us to hook into this built in functionality and provide our users with fully functional open and save dialogs that they expect and are used to through other applications.
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    If you are worried about making the transition to VB.NET because you are unsure of its database capabilities, have no fear! Handling database front ends has always been Visual Basics bread and butter and .NET carries this to a whole new level. This tutorial will get you off and running in this brave new world of VB DB Dev.
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    Automatic properties and list initializers are not only new if you are coming from the classic VB world, but even if you have done some .NET development these helpful little bits of syntactic sugar didn't show up until VB 2010.
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    Even though .NET gives us way more power than compared to the old VB6 days. At times we need to fall back to the advanced capabilities that only the Win32 API can offer. This tutorial walks through how you can declare Windows APIs and use them in your VB.NET app. It focuses primarily on some DiskSpace and File APIs but the concepts presented here can easily be built upon for any of your Windows API needs.
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    XML is the standard. Virtually any "real" application is able to save its data in XML and with VB.NET we have the same capabilities. This tutorial uses a simple console app so you aren't distracted by any "fluff" and can focus completely on the Visual Basic XML capabilities.
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    What day is it? What time is it? VB.NET provides great support for both dates and DateTimes. With the DateTime structure you can format dates and times to be displayed in different ways and you can add time to an existing date or time. See how long apart two dates are. And many more things (all in an object oriented way).
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    When developing great applications you almost always need to keep track of lists of data. The VB.NET structure to handle this is the array. In this tutorial we look at arrays - how to create them, modify them, iterate over them, etc.

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    This is the first in our series of VB.NET tutorials that will help anybody moving from VB6 over to Microsoft's .NET stack. This tutorial assumes no prior programming knowledge but if you have a Visual Basic 6 background it will be easy to understand and build upon.

Looking for more VB.NET (video) tutorials? Check out: Learn Visual Studio .NET

I have watched many of their over 500 video tutorials on Visual Basic .NET, C#, and web page development through ASP.NET. If you aren't familiar with ASP.NET it allows you to create dynamic web pages using Visual Basic .NET. After I had learned Visual Basic 6 fairly well, I realized how beneficial it is to create web pages using my VB skills. However, VB6 has very limited capabilities and you have to work very hard to create some of the most basic web pages. On the other hand using VB.NET you can create web pages that rival the competition. In fact you can even create web pages for handheld and mobile devices using VB.NET. Many professional e-commerce web sites use VB.NET including DotNetNuke which always you to create a full fledged e-commerce or portal sites within minutes.

The reason I recommend LearnVisualStudio.net is because I have personally used their video tutorials to learn a ton about VB.NET and C#. Along with this, I have had numerous friends use their site as well. I know it costs money to get access to all their tutorials, but they have many of them for free and I found that the small cost to get access to some of the best tutorials I've ever came across is well worth it. If you don't think so, than don't bother signing up. If you decide to try them out, I would love to hear what your experience is like. Leave a comment below and let all of us know what you think.

Site: LearnVisualStudio.net


  • Covers a large skill level set (from absolute beginner to somewhat advanced) - Probably not the most helpful if you already understand VB.NET completely and have been programming in it for a few years.
  • Gets a beginner up to date and ready to go very quickly
  • Good quality and reputable source
  • Easy learning curve (since you see the actions being done - its like having a hands on teacher)


  • Costs Money (Although not more than buying a much less useful book)
  • I have read in one forum that it took awhile to get an email back from their support department. Although I've always gotten quick responses - from the author himself. Also they now have an 800 number to be even more responsive. If you have any problems please let me know and I will take action directly.

Please leave comments below as to what your experience was.

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i have sorce code for vb.net 2010 and when i want to run form

i have sorce code for vb.net 2010 and when i want to run form login be appear and want to input the user name & pass
i have database!
ihave full sorce code
ihave every thing about this project
how can i accses to username & pass?
where is the pass?
thanks alot
im from iran
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help me on my project

my project is about controlling the toy car using vb.net 2010
any one have ahint for me
or even idea

PHP is better to learn before

PHP is better to learn before c#/c/c++ and because PHP is a c based language, the transition will be much simpler.

i wnt to knw the code for

i wnt to knw the code for creating a new account for the employe whch would be only created by the admin.it is lik i hav a textbox in whch the admin wil enter its password if it matches d value stored in the database then a new account wil be created.plz help me i need the code asap plz.

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creating chat application with accounts with 3 clients

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Political science

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Library inventory system

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How Much have you done?and do you have a database of the books?


any body help me.....i am new in visual basic i need to make school program and i don't now codes
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I am

I am PRO
Programming Languages : VB/VB.NET/C#/ASP/.NET/Java/Delphi
Back End Databases : MS Access/MS Excel/DBase/MS SQL/SQLite/postgreSQL/MySQL

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hi Im' benCaoili, Confirming your comment i would like to tell you to how to create simple program
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dont be padips


I need some help...were makin system....its library automation,,seems like all library processes are automated,,,example,the log in/log out,,,inventory and so many more...

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I am new ato VB I got a question about VB. I am trying to make changes to existing design, however whatever changes I make on VB form (delete button or anything) and then debugg it, it wont show me the required results. The VB is is connected with Database. Can you please help me what i am missing or is there any trigger which preventing me to make any chnages

Hi, May be you should state

Hi, May be you should state exactly what your inerface is, be explicit and concise i will help with some codes, you might not even need to amend the code just some different perspective and creativity to coding. send me an e-mail on g.sepeng@tuks.co.za i will be quick to reply to you.happy programming

need help for payroll software

i am making a payroll software and the name of the access database table is empdetails.
i want that if any one wants to search the employee through emp. code.
then he should enter the emp code then emp name, emp salary, emp contact no. should be displayed.

Kindly help me on this, to how to create...


Pls i need you to teach me vb.net from the scratch to the complex aspect. Thanks

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i want the source code fo sms bomber in VB 2008

This site is great! thank

This site is great! thank you very much


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i need some help

anybody can help me.... i want to learn on how to make a program using vb.net.... i don't know were i do start and how to begun...

please send me the

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Accounting Software Source Code

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1) journal entry
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3) receipt voucher
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5) trial balance report
6) balance sheet report.

That users can create group and subgroup for eg. Group: Assets, Subgroup: Current assets, even more: Bank, and even more: world bank a/c
email: heart_pray2006@yahoo.com

Accounting Software Source Code

Could you please send me a source code of accounting software? Very Simple software which will guide me to learn
1) journal entry
2) payment voucher
3) receipt voucher
4) contra voucher
5) trial balance report
6) balance sheet report.

That users can create group and subgroup for eg. Group: Assets, Subgroup: Current assets, even more: Bank, and even more: world bank a/c

plz help me in vb.net code

plz help me in vb.net code

Please Help Me!


I want your help.I have the same condition what you have in the begnning.I want learn .net package but dont know where to start.
Kindly guide me..
How to do to...!
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PackageWithSQLDatabase, Search, Export to Excel, Window Menu

Dear Friend,
I am really impressed from your above mentioned efficiencies. If possible-
Kindly help for the following unsolved problems on VB6 asap:
1) The code how to create a search textbox through which any word(letters) across columns of a grid data can be searched with highlight & focus?
2)How to code for a commanbutton_click() event which can export grid data to excel sheet.
3)How to develope a package which can automatically install its SQL-Based Database after clicking its setup file File for storage & updation in any PC without installing SQL Software & VB6 seperately alongwith Package.
4)Also help how to get window menu which can list out the number of forms opened and can be switched among them as required.

how do i create and connect

how do i create and connect database using vb 6.0




sending sms to mobile using vb6.0

i have a message api. can you help by giving hints to send sms through message api in vb 6

Dll Doubt

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How do i pass the same parameter on the menu control

Please, I will appreciate if anyone can help me out, I am working on a project (using Vb.net and Asp.net) and i need to pass
an ID(as a parameter) across different menu tabs to load different related record that are peculiar to the ID i want to pass.
for example: personal information on a menutab, educational information on another menu tab, professional qualification on another menutab.
All of them loading different data related to the ID I clicked.


Create chat server and 2 clients.

i want 2 learn simple chat application using vb.net..pls help....tnx in advance..


wow...this site is very usefuL.. i'm a beginner in vb.net.. and i need help to create a simple client-server chat application..plz help..tnx a lot..

well first you need to

well first you need to create the layout thten start naming your buttons and form and dont forget to name with the a breifation before you start (eg. cmdButton) if its a commond button

good etutorials for vb.net

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Hi, My Name Is Ibrahim, I am VB 6 Programmer, have developed fews Project which are live n running at client place now, but still i found most of new things which i was not knowing, I want to learn vb6.0 internet Networking step by step.
Some one Help On This Will Be Appreciated..

Please Email Me on

Thanks In Advance

Thanks For Such A Nice N Gud Site


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This site is very helpful. Thanks for all your supports.

Am a student of computer science and i found this site very helpful to me. I want to learn vb6.0 internet Networking step by step. Plz I need help! Thanks to all.

VB.NET Video Tutorial

Please How do i get the VB.NET Video Tutorial?

Vb.net complete tutorial

very good

project topic to write on using vb.

I'm very impressed with the assistance u have been given people.
Pls kindly help me with a nice project topic and help me with the necessary codes needed.
thank u.

Hi! It is very nice to see

Hi! It is very nice to see your site.I hope that you can help me to learn vb.net, with the sample program and codes.

I hope i can learn vb.net.

do hard work..it's easy

do hard work..it's easy

i hop u can add more info.

i hop u can add more info. about vb.net here....


hiiiiiiiiiiiii........... my name is roedhy. I am from Indonesia. I am very nice to visit this web because I can get lesson in here. thanks for your help.

Thanks a Lot from all the help that I receive from your web

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This is a great resource , In the company where I work most of the past 10 years the development Its been in VB6.

After a couple of years making little changes to different applications I think That I can deal with a more wide range of situations.

This site and other that you recommend its making the difference.

Thanks for all the hard work


Glad you found it useful.

Glad you found it useful. Enjoy and keep on learning! Also if you want to give back to this site please consider Submitting A Tutorial to our site.


aI want to learn more c#.net

i like to learn vb6.net

i hope that you would help me to learn vb

its VB.NET not VB6.NET and

its VB.NET not VB6.NET and they're heavily different languages, my advice, learn VB6 and PHP and I mean learn them both well, or just PHP but I think you'll like C# much more than VB.NET coders get used of the BASIC syntax, and eventually switch to C# either way, learn PHP = VERY good language to learn, after you've REALLY learned PHP you can consider learning languages like : Java, C , C++ , C# , VB.NET and many more, I think PHP is a great language, also don't forget to read all the info you can grasp on PHP because you never want your work being exploited.

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